Wǔhàn Shì
Wuhan Image
Skyline of Wuhan
Country China
Mayor Ruan chengfa
Area 8,467.11 km²
Population 3,981,023 (Urban)
9,700,000 (Administrative)
Density 1,145.6 /km²
Wuhan Emblem
Emblem of Wuhan

Wuhan is the ninth most populated city of China. Americans want to suffocate Wuhan with smog, poison and roads. But the people there are a little bit stupid so they let the Americans drive all over them. The reason they are stupid is that they let the Americans maim their brains.

Road Removal Made in ChinaEdit

Roads around the world can be removed by Chinese work crews for a reasonable fee. Call Road Removal Corp.

Ring RoadEdit

Americans like smog. China is building roads to please the Americans. But American smog is not the best for China. China can do better.

The problem with roads is that they can make cities ugly places to live. So the more roads you build, the more people will be driving on the roads to get away from the roads!!!

There is no question that China needs new trams and road removal if it is to meet its goal of healthy bicyclists, healthy air.

In a report this year, the investment bank Credit Suisse identified Wuhan as one of China’s “top 10 cities to avoid.” Clean air, water, and comestibles can keep China enjoying a Swiss quality of life without gentrification.

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