Mayor Leif Johan Sevland

ca. 130 000

Time zone GMT+1 (UTC)
Latitude __°__'
Longitude __°__'


Stavanger is the fourth biggest city in Norway. It's one of the world's oil capitals. The others being Houston, Aberdeen, Dubai? and Stavanger. There are lots of festivals in Stavanger. Among them are Pulpit, Numusic and Gladmad.

Articles (started or soon to be started) about Stavanger:

Lots of rain

Stavanger Aftenblad, Rogalands Avis, Radio 1 Stavanger
Leif Johan Sevland
Odd Kristian Reme
Per Ramvi
Torstein Tvedt Solberg
Childen schools:
Eiganes barneskole, Kampen barneskole




nicknames, slogan, symbols?

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A city in USA

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