Famouse rajputs are:

Rana Muhammad Ashraf (Chak No.166/p), Rana Javed Akhtar (Chak166/P) ,Rana Muhammad Akram Advocate (Chak No.166/P),Rana Muhammad yaseen, Rana  Salman mahmood khan, Dr.Muhammad Saeed Rao, Kiwan Danish Khan, Mujeeb Arjumad, Rana Muhammad Hussain and Rana Masood Ahmad (moon).

Hajee Rana Fateh Mohammed was a property tycoon who also lived with his family in the UK. Born in Julandar, India, he moved to Pakistan during the birth of Pakistan and settled in Sadiqabad where he was married to Nizera Begum Rana. Still to this day the Rana family have vast amounts of land in Sadiqabad. Other property will include Rana House and Rana Market, which is located on the naar near the most famous Eman Bargra. Sadly Hajee Rana Fateh Mohammed passed away on 11 July 2006, but he will always be remembered by his family and friends.

Rana Izhar Khan and Rana Masood Khan are well known Rana's in this Tehsil.

One famous personality of Sadiqabad is Rana Muhammad Ashraf of Ashraf Petroleum. He is Partner of Haji Muhammad Hanif in his Petroleum business. He is running a Shell Petrolpump and performing as the General Secretary of the Iqra Group of Institutes. His 3 sons are :

Rana Muhammad Tariq,Rana Muhammad Abid, Rana Muhammad Rashid.1.Grand son name Rana Muhammad Abdullah

Mr. Rana Amjad Bashir and Rana Mohsin Sardar, Rana Rashid Ashraf, Rana Amir Tahir, Rana Abdulfareed are also some famous persons in Rana family.

From this family a lot of people there who are serving community. There is one personality from education field "Muhammad Anwar Farooq Rana". He is the joint secretary of "BAAT" which is the most prominent literary circle of the city.

Other main personalities of Rana Family in Sadiqabad are Rana Ihsan Khan of BAsti Ihsan Khan. Mr. Ihsan Khan has died in 90's. His son Rana Raheel Khan is District President of Tehrik-e-Insaaf. There are some more famous persons of Rana family are: Rana Muhammad Tariq,Rana Muhammad Abid and Rana Mohammed Abdullah. Yassar Rana and his Family including Akbar Rana and Hussan Rana are greatly grieved due to this 

(For history of this material before May 2009, see the history of the Sadiq Abad page.)

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