Kot Sabzal used to be ruled by the parganas that administered the city under the princely state of Bahawalpur until they lost it to the Mirs of Sindh in 1807. After the British took over much of the province of Sindh, they restored the rule to the state of Bahawalpur over Kot Sabzal in 1847 so that the Amir of Bahawalpur would help them in the Battle of Multan. In 1848, Bahawalpur-British alliance laid siege on Multan and the city fell and was made part of the British Indian territory. From thence there always remained a bias over which province Kot Sabzal fits into.

In the early 1830s, Kot Sabzal stood larger and stronger than either Gotki or Khairpur, and was surrounded by a thin wall levelled in some places to the ground. The hustle and bustle of the town was due to the four main bazaars facing each other in the centre. The architecture showed a transition from the mud house to house made of unburnt bricks and then those of burnt bricks which wouldn't exceed stories higher than two. As the historian Mohan Lal tries to remember in his travelogues, the city had gates, that had perished through want of repair and that one had a gun, which was kept towards the Bahawalpur country.Now a day Terhaily Family are most prominent in this are having round about more than 10 village around the KOT SABZAL.


Most commonly spoken languages include Saraiki , Punjabi & Sindhi. People regard speaking Urdu as a more educated gesture.---- Many families like Terhaily, Shar, Mahar , Arain are living.

Terhaily Famiy: Terehily caste is sub caste of Jut and living in this area from last 200years and having almost 600Acor area cultivated land in • CHK 181/NP • Walhar new • Walhar old • Basti Rehmani • Adhuja • Allo Goth • Basti mahirdain And having majority in Union councial Bindor Abasi , Dandhi & Allo Goth,

Terhaily famiy in this area are most
prominent and famous and especially in the field of agriculture,Education,Law,medicine,Army,police

and politices. There are round about seven village of Terhaily Family,which is present near the kot sabzal,that have a majer contribution for the development of pakistan

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