This is a list of families that live in Sadiq Abad.

Ikram family

  • Najeeb Ikram works with Descon Engineering in the United Arab Emirates as a Helper.
  • Haseeb Ikram has an auto spare parts business in SDK known as Haseeb Brothers & Com.
  • Shoaib Ikram does Mechanical Engineering (DAE) from Sadiq Abad Tech College.
  • Zohaib Ikram is a student.

Ghazi family

They are also one of the most well known family of this area Rais Muhammad Ghazi was the founder of this family. His sons Rais Shabbir Ahmed and Rais Wazeer Ahmed were Ministers in Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto’s cabinet. He is also a well know personalitiy of the area. The family members of Rais Ghazi are playing vital role in the politics of the country. The international fame and The Agha Khan Prize winner “BHONG MOSUE” was built by Rais Ghazi.&nbsp Rais Sajid son of rais Gullam Mahmmed Indhar Ghari dho Dho Ph.Num# 0302-7624700 [[File:PakistanSadiqAbadAgriculturalFields1.Rais Nasir Mahmood-Rais Aamir Mahmood-Rais Khalid Mahmood and Rais Zahid Mahmood sons of Rais Lal Bukhsh(laet)Zamindar of Garhi Dho Dho-Cell no-#03008679032--03018679032

Rana family

Main article: Sadiq Abad:Rana familyRajputs are one of the most notables Families in Sadiqabad .They are in every step of life for e.g they r in business they are politicians etc .The most Famous amoung them is the Family of Ch Abdul Ghafoor Khan(late).He has five sons.1 Rana Tariq Mehmood Khan.2 Rana Ejaz Mehmood khan .3 Rana Imran Mehmood Khan.4 Rana Irfan Mehmood Khan.5.Rana Salman Mehmood Khan

Ch Abdul Ghafoor Khan.The list of the family if following:

  • =='Rana Tariq Mehmood Khan' (NOV JAILS Punjab,Information secratory PML F punjab,Advocate,A.cheif warden Civil defence sadiqabad,ex nazim and chairman of disstrict monitoring committee .education and works committee.==
  • ==Rana Salman Mehmood Khan (Member of PML N,ex city nazim ,MD Rawal seeds,Fatima cotton Industries and the eductor school.==
  • ==Rana Ejaz Mehmood (Advocate High court of Pakistan)==
  • ==Rana Imran Mehmood (MD rawal seeds)==
  • ==Rana Irfan Mehmood (Business Man)==


rana family move frome before partion great grand dad mr kalo khan 4 son sahreef ismaial latief and gani they all was ralitive of mr dansh mr dansh was frist admn sadiq abad mr sahreef had two son taj and jamat ali ismaial had two son kaliq muhammeh and muhammed yaqoob latief had 4 son shoket nora and other two also mr gani had 4 son nazeer and iqbal and other two


He is the mnanging partner of rawal seed&rawal

Sahi family

Sahi family is a strong family in Sadiq Abad and is famous because of its customs and traditions. in 1940 the Head of Sahi family Allah Dita Sahi Along with his brorthers Sardar Khan Sahi and Peeran Dita Sahi and setteled in Tilu Bangla chack Number 199/P Covering a Large piece of land. They had a strong impact on regional politics and later the grand son of Allah Dita Sahi son of Muhammad Khan sahi, Bashir Ahmed Sahi remained as Vice Chairman of tehsil council in 1992. Sahi family was the first one who setteled petrol pump in Sadiq Abad and is famous as Sahi Petrol Pump. Abdul Rasheed Sahi S/O Sardar Khan Sahi being the head of family is now living in Model Town Sadiq abad.

Sahi Family Is A Great Family.....

Shaikh Rajpout family

The Shaikh Faimly In basiq Ahmad Pur lahma. {C his faimly is soo respect abel faimly in a sadiq abad. {C his soo Quapritave faimly.

Mr sh Inyat Ali Marhoom

Mr Ashiq Ali

Mr Shoukat Ali

Mr Saleem Akhter

Mr javed Iqbal

Mr Amjad Ali

Mr Amir Ali s/o Ashiq Ali

Mr Muhammad Saleem S/o Shaukat Ali

Mr Rahim haider S/o Saleem Akhter

Mr Karim Haider S/o Saleem Akhter

Mr Ali Shan Haider S/o Saleem Akhter

Mr Suleman Haider S/o Saleem Akhter Mob:0334-7291046

Mr Rahim Javed S/o Javed iqbal

Mr Hussain Amjed S/o Amjed Ali

'Rao Rajput'

===Rao Jahangir Alam Rajput===

Rana abdul ghafar punjab police sadiq abad 03458033196

Rao Nasir Alam Rajput

Dr Rao Umair Alam Rajput

Engineer Rao Muddasir Alam Rajput


===Rao Hadi Hassan===

Rao Tahmour

Rao Salman (Hafiz)

Rao faraz

Rao Arsalan

Rao Noman

Rao Mandhi Hassan

Rao Zahid Hassan.


A Warind Family

Warind family is well known as rais family thay have six big village around and in the sadiqabad city. Rais Barkatullah (Basti Chandrami (late) Chief of Warind Sardar Rais Muhammad Nawaz Warind (late) and his brother Sardar Rais Rabnawaz Warind (Late) was the patron of warind family now the Chief of Warind Family Sardar Rais Shabbir Ahmed Warind (Basti chandrami) SARDAR RAIS SHABEER AHMED WARIND {marhom} URFF RAIS SAHBOO RAIS WASEEM SHABEER WARIND 03006728966} S/O RAIS SHABOO} Rais Muhammad Akmal Warind is the present Naib Nazim of tehsil Sadiqabad.Rais Imtiaz Ahmed Qamar, Rais Iftikhar Qamar Warind (Basti Chandrami) perform job in Fauji Fertilizer Company . Rais Azhar Ayub Warind (Basti Chandrami Except that more famous personalities are Haji Muhammad Bax Warind (basti warindan) Rais Wasim & Rais Shoaib Warind (basti Masoorian) Rais Asghar Warind son of haji wahid bux . Rais Abdul Qadir Warind Advocate(finance secretary PML(F) sadiqabad tehsil) Abid Waheed Warind(Basti moran) Rais Haroon ur Rasheed Warind(chanrami mb03007828215)

There are six villages of Warind family in Sadiqabad. They are: Basti Moran, Basti Chandrami, tibbi wighawar, Masoorian, Goth joorha, and Basti warindan and basti karimabad

Chief of Warind Family Contacts:
Sardar rais zafar urf zafri 03337492250

sardar rais tariq shahzad hussain cloth house 03006720269
Rais mumtaz ahmed head constable punjab police sadiq abad 03116062577

Rais Mushtaq Ahmed settlite town sadiq abad 03009670389 Rais Noor Hassan almadin auto exchang 03017637528 Rais Mumtaz Hussain Adovcate islam abad 03009841889 Rais Ahmed glamour house faisal Bazar sadiq abad Rais Imtiaz Ahmed Settlite town sadiq abad 03006720134 Rais Niaz ahmed settlite town sadiq abad 03055042135 Rais asad Mushtaq Rais babar Mushtaq Rais Subhan Mushtaq warind House settlite town sadiq abad

Soomro Family

Basti Muhammad Abad
after the death of Syed Rabban Shah Jilani his son Syed Muhammad shah Jilani had left the Basti chanraan and appulted new Village named was Basti Muhammad Abad. My ancestors were with him. when Syed Muhammad Shah Jilani migrated from Basti chanraan thee peoples were with him
1. Mr. chatta Soomro
2. Mr. Kammal Soomro
3. Mr. Dost Ali Chanarh
In the beginning, there were jungle and fierce are lived here.

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