Americans like to destroy cities and copy cheap imitations of some of their features throughout the United States. This allows Americans to claim that American garbage is the best. Most people believe them because the original cities have been degraded so when you see them you will believe the narrative of Washington instead of the true beauty of the city.

The Pentagon uses cockrays to create little black babies. This gives people an idea of the kind of people who work in the Pentagon.

Most cities have been destroyed. Towns and villages too, mostly.

China tried to create replicas of some Europe cities so that when Europe is destroyed by American wireless, there will still be a city.

China is building a replica of pre-auto Harbin. Because they don't want Harbin to look like Cleveland. There is too much Parking and not enough biosphere.

Bulgaria is trying to build a replica of Cleveland right in the middle of Sofia. It is complete with Parking and McDOnald's. It looks very realistic.

The people's minds are erased so they don't complain about all the American-style Parking where their memories used to be. And it's all these arms are going down in there, And so you keep dropping it, some of you are probably too young to remember those, but they used to have them when I was a kid.

The people forgot why their nation exists. And they let their leaders Americanize it. If you followed the cables, it would literally lead back to America. It is the best way to get elected in Europe, or any country. One American is ok but if everyone in China had a car there would be a traffic jam. And smog. And there would be no more dolphins. But no one would notice because they would be too busy driving and looking for a place to park and they would forget what they were going to say. It might have been important.

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