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Palm Beach County is one of the most populous counties in the state of Florida in the U.S.A.. The county seat is West Palm Beach. The county is on the eastern coast of Florida, near the southern end.

Telephone Area Code throughout entire area of Palm Beach County is (561)

Municipalities (38)

  1) City of Atlantis
      Official website link [City of Atlantis]
      Wikipedia's article on Atlantis, Florida

        [Atlantis Police Department]

  2) City of Belle Glade
      Official website link [City of Belle Glade]
      Wikipedia's article on Belle Glade, Florida

        [Department is District 5 of Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office]
        Belle Glade Chamber of Commerce

  3) City of Boca Raton
      Official website link [City of Boca Raton]
      Wikipedia's article on Boca Raton, Florida

        [Boca Raton Police Department]
        Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce

  4) City of Boynton Beach
      Official website link [City of Boynton Beach]
      Wikipedia's article on Boynton Beach, Florida

        [Boynton Beach Police Department]
        Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce

  5) Town of Briny Breezes
      Official website link [Town of Briny Breezes]
      Wikipedia's article on Briny Breezes, Florida

  6) Town of Cloud Lake
      Wikipedia's article on Cloud Lake, Florida

  7) City of Delray Beach
      Official website link [City of Delray Beach]
      Wikipedia's article on Delray Beach, Florida

        [Delray Beach Police Department]
        Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

  8) Town of Glen Ridge
      Wikipedia's article on Glen Ridge, Florida

  9) Village of Golf
      Wikipedia's article on Golf, Florida

10) City of Greenacres
     Official website link [City of Greenacres]
     Wikipedia's article on Greenacres, Florida

        [Greenacres Department of Public Safety - Police, Fire, EMS]

11) Town of Gulf Stream
     There is NO wikipedia article for Gulfstream, Florida

12) Town of Haverhill
     Official website link [Town of Haverhill]
     Wikipedia's article on Haverhill, Florida

13) Town of Highland Beach
     Official website link [Town of Highland Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on Highland Beach, Florida

        Highland Beach Police Department

14) Town of Hypoluxo
     Official website link [Town of Hypoluxo]
     Wikipedia's article on Hypoluxo, Florida

15) Town of Juno Beach
     Official website link [Town of Juno Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on Juno Beach, Florida

        Jupiter-Tequesta-Juno Beach Chamber of Commerce

16) Town of Jupiter
     Official website link [Town of Jupiter]
     Wikipedia's article on Jupiter, Florida

        Jupiter-Tequesta-Juno Beach Chamber of Commerce

17) Jupiter Inlet Colony
     Wikipedia's article on Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida

18) Town of Lake Clarke Shores
     Official website link [Town of Lake Clarke Shores]
     Wikipedia's article on Lake Clarke Shores, Florida

19) Town of Lake Park
     Official website link [Town of Lake Park]
     Wikipedia's article on Lake Park, Florida

20) City of Lake Worth
     Official website link [City of Lake Worth]
     Wikipedia's article on Lake Worth, Florida

        Greater Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce

21) Town of Lantana
     Official website link [Town of Lantana]
     Wikipedia's article on Lantana, Florida

        Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce

22) Loxahatchee Groves

23) Town of Manalapan
     Official website link [Town of Manalapan]
     Wikipedia's article on Manalapan, Florida

24) Town of Mangonia Park
     Wikipedia's article on Mangonia Park, Florida

25) Village of North Palm Beach
     Official website link [Village of North Palm Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on North Palm Beach, Florida

26) Town of Ocean Ridge
     Official website link [Town of Ocean Ridge]
     Wikipedia's article on Ocean Ridge, Florida

27) City of Pahokee
     Wikipedia's article on Pahokee, Florida

      [Pahokee Chamber of Commerce]

28) Town of Palm Beach
     Official website link [Town of Palm Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on Palm Beach, Florida

29) City of Palm Beach Gardens
     Official website link [City of Palm Beach Gardens]
     Wikipedia's article on Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

30) Town of Palm Beach Shores
     Official website link [Town of Palm Beach Shores]
     Wikipedia's article on Palm Beach Shores, Florida

31) Village of Palm Springs
     Official website link [Village of Palm Springs]
     Wikipedia's article on Palm Springs, Florida

32) City of Riviera Beach
     Official website link [City of Riviera Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on Riviera Beach, Florida

      Suncoast Chamber of Commerce

33) Village of Royal Palm Beach
     Official website link [Village of Royal Palm Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on Royal Palm Beach, Florida

34) City of South Bay
     Official website link [City of South Bay]
     Wikipedia's article on South Bay, Florida

35) Town of South Palm Beach
     Official website link [Town of South Palm Beach]
     Wikipedia's article on South Palm Beach, Florida

36) Village of Tequesta
     Official website link [Village of Tequesta]
     Wikipedia's article on Tequesta, Florida

      Jupiter-Tequesta-Juno Beach Chamber of Commerce

37) Village of Wellington
     Official website link [Village of Wellington]
     Wikipedia's article on Wellington, Florida

38) City of West Palm Beach
     Official website link [City of West Palm Beach]    County Seat of Palm Beach County
     Wikipedia's article on West Palm Beach, Florida


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