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The City of Orem is one of Utah's largest cities (ranking #5 in pop.)


Orem is located on a shelf on the side of Timpanogos Mountain. Altitude is 4,771 feet ASL.


The first settlers in Orem were in the 1850s as a route between Provo and Salt Lake City. The soil of Orem is rocky, making it a great place for orchards.

Main produce was stuff such as apples, cherries and strawberries.

For decades, Orem was not an official city and was just called Provo Bench. However, in 1919, people in Orem wanted to make it a city. The idea for the name Orem was not because of religion or politics or after important people in the town. It was named so as a economical boost. Walter C. Orem, from California, was making a RR track from Salt Lake City to Provo. The city fathers of Orem named the city after him to flatter him, hoping that by doing so he would build the train through Orem, thus making an easy way for the farmers to sell and ship their produce. And he did.


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