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Welcome to Cities Wikia!
We are currently editing over 1,086 articles, 4,551 pages, and 796 files, with 12,242,991 users and 5 active users.


This wiki is designed to display generally positive information about towns and cities — places you've lived, played, or worked. Tell about your favorite spots or give advice for visitors. Let people know about good places to eat, vacation, or play. Talk about schools, people, and societies. For more information, see Cities Wikia:About.

Size and potential

This wiki has 1,086 articles now, but would be better with ten times that number. You can help. Yes, if you can type you can edit most of these pages!

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Gold Star Communities

Gold Star Communities is a place to share something special or unique about your town, village, or city.

  • Does your community have a unique program?
  • Has your community been recognized for something special?

Use this area to share information about the uniqueness of your community.

(Archived Gold Star paragraphs are at Cities Wikia:Old Gold.)

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