Mayor Dave Cieslewicz
  –Total (as of 2000)

221,551 metro 366,950

Time zone
DST time zone
Central (UTC-6)
Latitude 43° 05'
Longitude 89° 23'
Official website:


Madison is the capital of the state of Wisconsin and the location of the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's main campus occupies 933 acres of land on the southwest side of the city, and adds a student population of around 40,000. The capitol is situated in the center of the isthmus formed by Lake Monona and Lake Mendota.

Madison is best known for its excellent school system and progressive politics.

Articles about Madison, Wisconsin:


The two largest employers in Madison are the University of Wisconsin and the State of Wisconsin. The city generally maintains a low rate of unemployment.


  • By law, no building may be taller than the capitol building.
  • Former Wisconsin Governor Lee Dreyfus described the city as "30 square miles surrounded by reality."

Other places named MadisonEdit

  • Madison, Mississippi
  • Madison, New Jersey

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