Official seal of London
Mayor Boris Johnson
625 mi² / ## km²
    1. mi² / ## km²
    2. mi² / ## km²


Latitude 51°30′ North
Longitude 0°8′ West
Official website:

London, England is the capital of the United Kingdom and a prominent financial city. Steeped in heritage dating back all the way to Pre-Roman times, it has recently been extremely prominent in world news, as it has been chosen to host the 2012 olympics.

Places in LondonEdit

Main article: London:Attractions

tower of paris and calforina

Getting AroundEdit

Methods of Transportation in London:

Other Places Named LondonEdit

Many other towns and cities are named after London. Here's a partial list:

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There are many Web sites with infomation about London. Here are a few...

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