JATT is also know as Jut are of Baloch origin. Theses people are actual landowners and farmers also gunmakers and many of them migrated from iran, afganistan and balochistan.word Jat covers the many casts as BHUTTAH JATT,SOW JAT,SIDHO JAT,GHICK JAT,Gilzai Jat, Khattar Jat,Jatoi Jatak Mengal, jadgal Jat, mirjat, zardan Jats, wazir Jats ,malak Jats, latokhel Jats, and many more.Jat is the name of power.the administration and command of the city is in the hand of jutts.JATT of 50/12-L are very famous and have special role in administarion of Chechawatni.  Bhuttah Jatt of 50/12-L are also very special role in farming and agriculture part MASTER YOUNIS BHUTTAH 0300-7025012 is key the man of Bhuttah family and core supporter of CH M Tufail and Ch Iqbal Numberdar, Ch Hanif MPA, Ch Arshad MPA, Ch Nasir Jatt Group. The cheif villge of chechawatni is chak 50/12-L and consisting of almost JATT families. Ch wali muhammad is the well known personality of the chak 50. the villege occupying apprx 150x25 acrs of land in which approx 30x25 are gori pals.

Moreover Ch Bashir Ahmed Bhutta Jatt and Master Muhammad Younis Bhutta Jatt are also identified 50/12L.

Furthermore JATT are the main cast which living in chechawatni. jatt is the name of power.

"Yarri Jatt di Tot da Mosha, kady na vichalon tot de"

Salam to Jatt.

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