Jacobpuram is ancient village near kanyakumari mostly people depen up on agriculture. But this village belongs to tirunelveli dist. peoples belongs to this village mostly depends on the kanyakumari dist. since its very close to this village.

This village has aa 100 years old CSI church planned in the year 1905 and constructed in the year 1908.

There is TDTA High school which runs from 1958. Its completely managed by the CSI. We have also a postal office registed and run in jacobpuram.

We also have a village panchayat near to the TDTA High school.

Kundankuam nuclear power corporation is just 7 kms away from jacobpuram.

kanyakumari (cape Comorin) is just 13 kms from from jacobpuram.

nagercoil is 17 km away from jacobpuram.


This village people major works are agriculture, mazons, carpenter.

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