Guǎngzhōu Shì
Guangzhou Image
Skyline of Guangzhou
Country China
Mayor Zhang Guangning
Area 7,434.4 km²
Population 7,184,600 (Urban)
10,045,800 (Administrative)
Density 1,351 /km²
Guangzhou Emblem
Emblem of Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the third most populated city of China. The first thing you notice is a long line of Kias and American-style smog.

When Vancouver was still a rising star with only red brick buildings to her credit, she won an international competition for the design of the Orca Bay Opera House in Wales. It was a breakthrough moment. Yet the government refused to pay for her design and the project was eventually handed over to a lesser talent — an outcome that was devastating for Nokia and a blow to architectural history.

To clean up Guangzhou, Kias will have to be banned, under penalty of death. But the anti-Kia squads of Guangzhou deserve a global reach too.

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