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Chichawatni (Urdu, {چیچہ وطنی}) is a historic town in the Sahiwal District of Punjab province, Pakistan.[1] It is located about 45 km from the district capital - Sahiwal.

Overview Edit

The city serves as the main city of Sahiwal Division, and is administratively subdivided into three City Union Councils and 34 rural Union Councils.[1] The city is located at 30°31'60N 72°42'0E[2] and is situated on the famous Grand Trunk Road and has an attractive railway station. With all the facilities of a large city in a small town, Chichawatni is a thriving town with very good economic growth. It is famous for its crops of wheat, cotton, sugar cane and ice cream parlours.

This small and attractive Pakistani town lies approximately 20 km from the ancient Upper Indus site of Harappa and an excellent stop-over for Tourists interested in traditional crafts and mouth-watering, delicious Pakistani cuisine. Serving many local villages, this humble but highly industrious agricultural town also boasts several colleges and institutions for higher education reflecting the town's acute emphasis on education.

Townspeople come from many different backgrounds, from poor farmers to aristocratic Zamindars (landowners) usually of upper cast, Jatt == Chattha, Cheema, Wriech ==, sandho, sidho, Gill Virk, Sera Jutt etc.  Rajput, Arain, Malik, Dogar and Gujjar . Local administrators, otherwise known as "Zaildars" and "Safedposh" or "white-robed nobles", form the political elite of the town and may also be found as civil servants in most local government offices.

During the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947, many aristocratic Muslim families migrated from Punjabi towns like Ludhiana, Jallandhar and Firozpur in India and settled in towns like Chichawatni. Local Chattha, cheema, wariech other Jutt Casts Rajput and Gujjar aristocrats in Chichawatni, originally from GUJRANWALA GUGRAT, SIYALKOT Firozpur, Raikot and Talwandi Rai are quite happy to show Tourists photos of the splendid Palaces and gardens vacated by them during the events of the India-Pakistan Partition.In the time of Partition,People of Chichawatni welcomed victims as much they could ,,there is a shining name always remember as inspiration Dr.Khansab Sardar Khan.He established the very first hospital in the City.

Chichawatni also accommodates a small Christian community, usually drawn from the very poorest sections of society. The Christians are a respected, hard-working and gentle community in an otherwise overwhelmingly Muslim town. Attitudes towards Christians have been inflamed by the short-lived increase of fundamentalist rhetoric in certain Mosques but overall this negative rhetoric has been mellowed by the sheer volume of important Sufi Shrines, whose calming and uplifting spiritual influence still pervades the town and the many local villages it serves.the people of chichawatni are known to be very clever. It is also mentionable over here that the people of this area of Pakistan are very intelligent and country lovers.

Ch. Buhawal Bukhash Chattha , Irshad cheema, Akram cheema, Shafqat Cheema Edit

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Prof. Muhammad Ihsan Chattha

are landlard of this region. Dr. Muhammad Naveed(Plastic Surgery) is one of the very famous personality of this area, currently he is at work in Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore.

Chichawatni is the best city of the Pakistan

Govt. High School chichawatni is a well reputed institute of the distric sahiwal Edit

  • Raja Nain One of the top drinker of the chicha watni
  • Al Rahman Auto and Dacuration are most famus in chichawatni on Gt road near lakrmandi


The people of Chichawatni have various explanations for the name Chichawatni, some of those are:

1. Maharaja Chach of Alor was the father of Raja Dahir. Raja Dahir was to pass the river Ravi for some war game and found the shortest and easiest way for it near Chichawatni. So he named the nearby village on his father name as Chachawatni. Chachawatni means city of Chach. with the passage of time it became Chichawatni. This village stands still and named as Old Chichawatni or Purani Chichawatni. The River Ravi floods Chcihawatni village every year. So the British Govt Found a safer place in forest near this village. In 1918, They had cleaned a part of plantation and developed a modern City with planning

2. The name Chichawatni is derived from the name of a Hindi family who lived here before the government built a forest, Chicha was the name of the husband Watni of the wife.

Forest (Division) Edit

In Pakistan, the collection of many forests is administratively united into forest divisions. One of the forest divisions is also named Chichawatni. Chichwati forest Division has its Headquarter near Chichawatni. It comprise of many forests. But the main forest of Chichwatni Forest Division spans alongside the Chichawatni having the area of 9000 acres (36 km²). It is the second largest plantation in Pakistan; while the largest plantation in Pakistan is Changa Manga.

Locally it is called Jungle of Chichawatni. There was natural Jungle before 1918. In 1918 British Govt. started the new planned city and started the forest plantation in 1823. The width of the forest is just 2 to 5 km while its length spans 35 km.

File:Jungle in Punjab.JPG
File:Lower Bari Doab canal.jpg

Distt. Govt Sahiwal is opening a forest Park in Chichawatni also having the facility of large pool. Chichawatni Forest is also used by Agricultural University of Faisalabad for research purpose. A Guest house situated in the forest is used to host Governmental Guests and also Foreigners. Pubjab's famous canal Lower Bari Doaab is used for cultivation. Canal Rest House for Lower Bari Do Aab is also situated in this forest.

This forest also has tourist attractions having a large number of porks. Hunting Licence for porks is easily available. Even Forest Authorities provide awards on pork hunting.

An American fund for the welfare of bird has conducted research in some south Asian forests including Chichawatni Forest. Details of Research

Cattle market Edit

In Chichwatni there is the biggest cattle market of Pakistan. Cattle market in Pakistan is called Mandi Muwaishiyan. This market start in last 10 days of the month (from 21st to the end of month). This market has peak of its business in three first days. During those day you can buy milk from the cattle market 3 times less than of real market price and even some times milk is free here. People from Gawadar to Khyber gather here to buy and sell cattle.

International Kabbadi Edit

Kabbadi is a type of Pakistani wrestling. Chichawatni is hometown of many Kabbadians. Many Kabbadi matches between India and Pakistan and also National Championships have held at Chichawatni.Rana Maqbool Khan is very popular kabbader of Pakistan National Kabbadi team belong from Ghorawah Rajpoot tribe settled in chack 109/12.L and also great player of Kabbadi Rana Tameer Ullah from 108 /12.L.and also chak 49/12-L produced great kabadi players headmaster khursheed,Ali Ahmad ,Tariq Mehmood Jut And abdul salam are their main players.Muhammad Ali and Ahmad Sahzaid

Chichawatni Stadium Edit

In Pakistan there are only a few

Educational institutionsEdit

Govt. College Chichawatni Edit

It is ancient higher education institution. College has excellent Past results. Now college is starting BS programme. The college has all science & arts faculties with extra ordinary qualified staff. chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, social sciences & computer department are the most famous due to their performance. Recent Year enrolment and result make the top most degree college of the region.Edit

==Govt. College Chichawatni Chemistry Department== The chemistry department is fully established with equipment and doctorate level staff Prof. Muhammad Ihsan Chattha, Haseeb Sb & Abass Aziz.

Prof. Muhammad Ihsan Chattha Edit

Prof. Muhammad Ihsan Chattha is one of the best teacher of chemistry. He enjoys excellent command on chemistry. His teaching methodology is learning based. All the students like their teaching philosophy. Every one like him due to having all the qualities of a good teacher. He is in Pakistan & globally known as excellent chemical researcher & professor of chemistry.

Chichawatni is home to numerous institutions of secondary and tertiary education
  • Govt M.C. High SChool for Boys Chichawatni
  • Govt E.T. College Chichawatni
  • Govt Crescent College for Women
  • Govt Crescent High School for Girls
  • Educators High School
  • Govt Vocationa Training Institute
  • Govt Technical Training Institute.
  • Punjab Public College
  • Said Public School
  • Dawn cade
  • Unique Public High School And Collage
  • Pass school & computer college

Railway station Edit

Many of the railway stations in Pakistan were built before 1918, and many of these have not been maintained over the years. In 1918 the current town of Chichawatni did not exist. At the time there was village as called Chichwatni (now called Purani Chichawatni or old Chichawatni). This settlement was 5 km in the north of the Main Railway line of Pakistan. In 1918 a railway station on the north side of Railway line was built for Purani Chichawatni, adjacent to the Railway line in the north there is the Chichwatni Forest. Because of this new Chichwatni was planned on the south side of the Railway line. In 1927 a new station was built but on the same side of north, however the population of new Chichawatni spread only along the south side, because to the north there is a huge Jungle(forest). While the station of 1927 was still on the wrong side for the new city. People had to travel a lot to reach the station of 1927. Due to personal efforts of local MNA Rai Azizullah Khan(MP)(2002–2007),the project was sanctioned by Prime MInister Zafarullah Jamali and the government established a new railway station on the right side of the city. Pakistan Railway had neglected the area, until July 2007 when a new railway station was established.

Government effortsEdit

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in literacy rate of Tehsil Chichawatni. Punjab Government has put a lot of effort in educational sector. There are two boys and two girls high schools and two degree colleges one for boys and one for girls. There is almost one school for boys and girls at least up to primary level in every village. All the institutes is a famous school in this regard. All institutes have shown good results in Center exams and Multan board as well as in co curricullar activities and sports. Govt. High School Chichawatni have some distinctive position that in 2001 1st 3 positions of multan board secondary school examination were taken by the students of Govt high school chichawatni. There are Computer centers in many of the Schools and in both Degree Colleges. PITB had set Computer Centers at Inter and Degree level in both colleges with the help of The Computer Scientists [3] as private partner.


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