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the parties attended the learned arbitrator and during the proceeding before the learned arbitrator when the issues of settlement of account along with audit as agreed under compromise and decree were discussed, Haji Muhammad Aslam, the senior brother of the defendant left the room and brought with him something which was covered and requested to the Arbitrator that he desires to gift something to the plaintiff and sought the permission from the learned arbitrator, resultantly, said Haji Muhammad Aslam placed /presented a piece of framed “Ghilaf-e-Kaba” in the lap of the plaintiff Mr.Kashif Tasleem and requested in the name of “Ghilaf-e-Kaba” that whatever has happened in the past by his younger brother SHAHID MANSOOR be forgiven & forgotten and additionally very humbly requested to plaintiff that settlement of accounts and audit have additionally be forgotten in the name of “Ghilaf-e-Kaba, ” upon this, the plaintiff being God fearing person started to weep and even all the respectable those were in attendance, individually started to kiss this “Ghilaf-e-Kaba” out of respect honor and the plaintiff after taking a pause for a while & merciful situation of Haji Muhammad Aslam compelled the plaintiff to say “Nothing” and the learned arbitrator pointed out the highhandedness/nefarious acts of Haji Muhammad Yaseen & upon his direction Haji Muhammad Aslam the senior brother of Shahid Mansoor did make a phone call to Haji Muhammad yaseen, as he was not present there in the meeting, then he handed over the cell phone to plaintiff and requested the plaintiff to talk to Haji Muhammad yaseen. The Plaintiff put the speaker of the cell phone on, so that every one shall listen the conversation, Mr. Haji Muhammad yaseen then rendered his unconditional apology and admitted that he without any plausible reasons had been involved in the acts that have been very painful & caused a defamation to the plaintiff not only through the defendant but additionally through an FIR No. 57/09 U/S 392 PPC Ranipur police station at Khairpur Mirus and he requested to the plaintiff Mr.Kashif Tasleem to accept his apology in these words “MAIN APNAY KIAY PER SHARMINDA HOON AUR MAUFI CHAHTA HOUN” and these were heard by all the participants from the speaker of the cell phone, as mentioned above the plaintiff being God fearing & upon request of Haji Muhammad Aslam, accepted Haji Muhammad Yaseen’s unconditional apology and forgave him.

That during the Arbitration proceedings, the learned Arbitrator, directed to the defendant Mr. Shahid Mansoor to pay Rs. 200, 000/= (Pak Rupees Two Hundred Thousand Only) as a penalty to the Plaintiff in respect of the agonies faced by him. The defendant accepted the verdict of the Honorable Arbitrator & handed over the cheque of the said amount. The said cheque was later on encashed in favor of the plaintiff Mr.Kashif Tasleem.

That this Honorable Court was pleased to accept the application filed under order 23rule 3 CPC and the suit was decreed vide the Order dated 22-12-09 in term of compromise in favor of the plaintiff Mr.Kashif Tasleem. Media:

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