Chéngdū Shì
Chengdu Image
Skyline of Chengdu
Country China
Mayor Ge Honglin
Area 12,390 km²
Population 2,672,069 (Urban)
11,000,670 (Administrative)
Density 887.9 /km²
Chengdu Emblem
Emblem of Chengdu

Chengdu is the thirteenth most populated city of China. It has many cars. Many of the cars come from Korea but some of them come from USA. Cars are a problem in China. What can be done about the problem of cars in China? They can be towed. Chinese people like to work in factories. It is fun. There are many factories in Chengdu. They make electrical products and there are some restaurants. Everything is delicious. What can Chinese employees do when they think it is not delicious? They can jump out of the window of the factory. Otherwise there is not much they can do. Unless they think of something. Then they could make it in the factory. Perhaps it could help to stabilize the problem of people jumping out of the windows of factories. The man who invented the factory is not very rich. He got robbed by Indonesians. But there are not many Indonesians in China so it should be a safe country. But it is not. Something is wrong.

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