We would like to implement this system for Calaveras County of California then all County employees could surf the Web.

Radically Simplified Internet User Interface and Portal The WikiTop System


The cost and complexity of most personal computers render them useless to many people and companies on the wrong side of the digital divide – and yet there is an increasing number of Internet based services that are becoming available for them. What these under served people and companies of the world need is a simple device which enables access to these basic services without the cost and complexity involved in a typical PC.

A solution has been systems architected that solves these needs. We call this The WikiTop System. This system is built on off the shelf subsystems and open source software and includes a thin client in the form of a intelligent phone or cellular phone with browser capabilities (we named it WikiFon), a simplified interface for access to services, a part of the Wikia server hosting pool for the management of services, all applications on the Wikia server in WebTop style (thus the WkiTop name) and of course Internet connectivity.
The WikiFon:  A number of AT oriented companies already designed the thin client we need. One of the good ones would be the eInk thin client with EyeToy. But others may do almost as well: video telephones for example. We would private label this solution quite simply as the WikiFon. It is a very thin client machine running only a browser like the open source Firefox. All application reside on the Wikia server farm and run in a Webtop style.


There are two initial goal of the WikiTop System:

...To architect and systems integrate a simple and reliable voice dialog and gesture enhanced dialog capable WikiFon connected to the Wikia servers. Each community would have its own slice of the Wikia hosting pool, we would like to call it WikiMuni.
...To simplify the user interface that provides access to any desired or required services and applications.

The Market:

The end-users of the WikiTop System are...

...small businesses ...micro enterprises ...non-profit organisations ...homebound individuals ...caregivers Just the last two market segments should be large enough to start the project in each rural community. These two segments include the homebound people and their caregivers: the disadvantaged, the elderly and the chronically ill, in general the needy (100 million people in the USA alone) and their care providers. Add to that the large number of people who are simply on the wrong side of the digital divide due to financial reasons.

The care provider segment of the end-users of the WikiTop System includes the formal care givers (5 million), informal care givers (44 million), nurses, and primary care physicians (2 million). It should be pointed out that another large population segment: the professional tele-workers and distance learning students can also use the system with great productivity improvements.

The Technology:

The WikiTop System is being designed to support disadvantaged people. This means that affordability and functionality / flexibility are critical. The following user features and/or interfaces are expected:

Collaboration: All the end-users of the WikiTop System can communicate and collaborate with each other with the aid of the Wikia servers.

Gesture and Voice Based System Input: The end-user equipped with an WikiFon in their homes/offices can simply talk to their WikiFon which has a video camera enhanced connection,such as the EyeToy, to the personalized WikiTop, a form of a virtual PC, residing on the Wikia server. Thus lip reading and gesture recognition based voice recognition capability can be offered on the WikiTop System server to each end user: no need for a high cost and complex PC .

System Output: The end-users can elect to listen to the computer generated voice responses from the WikiTop System – or can elect to interact with a more visual interface .

Dialogs: A most important innovation of the WikiTop System is that the end-users can create their own customized dialogs with the WikiTop System without any knowledge of computer programming. The WikiTop System will be equipped with precreated and preprogrammed “standard” user-to-computer prompted voice and/or gesture dialogs. Such standard dialogs in the style of IVR (interactive voice response), but also enhanced with gestures, will be specified by this project since there is no such set of dialogs available on the open market even though there are many IVR systems offered to serve commercial applications. Another very important innovation is the Signalish software which is a novel gesture based alphanumeric input capab;ity as well computer control capability.
Connection Options: A user can access their WikiTop account from any system that has Internet connectivity. So while the care providers could use their voices to utilize the WikiTop applications , in many cases they could be using traditional form factors (PCs, laptops, PDAs, etc.) as well to connect to the WikiTop System.

Janine M. Lodato P.O.Box 838 SAN ANDREAS, CA. 95249-838 ~|__ ( o )\_

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